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Fall Prevention

We are pleased to present to you the new USP HealthCare Products online catalog. You will find the latest technology in professional and home health care plan monitoring emergency preparedness alarm systems.

10 Channel Verifier

"Now all stand down and sensor pads available in wireless configuration. Sensor pads can now be monitored wirelessly while health care/care giver attendants are away from their patients with our new Verifier unit.  Long distance range."

The new Verifier unit wirelessly monitors Stand Down sensor pads. It is portable, battery operated, can be carried in hand or pocket and is available in 3 different models of 10, 20, or 40 pad indicator units. Long Range.


Fall Prevention Products and Systems:

NEW! Stand Down

All-in-One Sensor Pads

Patient Alert

Fall Prevention Monitored Alarm System


Fall Alert System

(Limited stock)

FAL- 300

Fall Alert System

Fall Prevention at its Finest. Stand Down All-in-One Self Contained Sensor offers More...

Used in hospitals, nursing homes and senior citizen centers for patient monitoring. Also used as a monitored alarm home health plan of care product. More...

Supervised Wireless LONG RANGE 900Mhz Fall Prevention and Security Alarm System. More...

Wireless SHORT RANGE Fall Prevention and Medical Alarm System. More...

Cushioned Pressure
Sensor Pads

Cushioned Sensor Pads are Very Comfortable and thin, providing immediate notification of patients attempt to exit a wheelchair or bed. More...



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