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Patient Alert - Fall Detection and Prevention Monitored Alarm System

Used in hospitals, nursing homes and senior citizen centers for patient monitoring. Also used as a monitored alarm home health care product

Patient Alert is part of our economical Direct Wire Fall Detection and Prevention Program. Designed to operate with all USP Health Sensor Pads it provides unmatched performance when protecting residents without the need of physical restraints.

  • Selectable for resident attempts to get off or get on sensor pads.

  • Sounds Alarm and Flashes a Strobe when activated to remind resident to return to safe location or position, and also to notify staff or caretaker.

  • Instant or delayed activation models.

  • Selectable alarm - 5 seconds or continuous until turned off by caregiver.

  • Low battery alert - uses long life 9 volt alkaline battery.

  • Output jack for nurse call.

** Includes Softtouch Pad Cover and Mesh Bag at no charge!

*Includes Mesh Bag at no charge

PA-1 *

Patient Alert Unit, 1" x 30" strip sensor pad, accessories

PA-2 **

Patient Alert Unit, 9" x 16" Wheelchair/Seat sensor pad, 4 ft. cable

PA-3 **

Patient Alert Unit, 14" x 24" Bed/Floor sensor pad, accessories

PA-4 **

Patient Alert Unit, 18" x 24" Bed/Floor sensor pad, accessories

PA-5 *

Patient Alert Unit, 24" x 30" Bed/Floor sensor pad, accessories


1/4" phone jack, 8 ft cable adapts Patient Alert to Nurse Call Station


Extension cable allows Patient Alert additional 25 ft distance from sensor pad


"Y" Adaptor -- adapts PA-(X) units and Nurse Call Button to Nurse Call Station: 1/4 mono

PA *

Additional Patient Alert Unit Only 

Please see Sensor Pad page for additional Sizes


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