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Patient Alert - Fall Detection and Prevention - Monitored Alarm System

Long Range! Up to 1000 feet indoors... nearly 1 mile open air. Now... Advanced Wireless technology provides Fall Prevention and Protection without the need of physical restraints! Sensor Pads detect resident’s Attempt to exit, sends the signal to Sound the Alarm Strobe and Get Help Fast!

Pressing the "Pause" button on front of transmitter allows care taker to temporarily dis-arm transmitter, allowing Resident/Patient to exit without activating transmitter and alarm. LT-900 sounds audible beeping whenever it is armed and patient gets On or Off sensor pad to remind patient to return to chair or bed and to alert staff to location of patient.

USP's Best Fall Prevention!

  • Includes Enunciator strobe alarm and "Get Help Fast" Universal Transmitter

  • Operates with Lifetime Sensor Pads

  • Complete packages for Wheelchair, Bed, Floor

  • Transmitter operates with Both Chair and Bed (NC) and Floor and Sensor Strip Pads (NO)

  • Enunciator - low or high sound and strobe

  • Batteries and all accessories included

  • "Pause Feature" Allows short term exits


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